Int’l Trade, Populism & IP

Session 4B


Stanford McCoy

President & Managing Director, Motion Picture Association EMEA, Brussels Presentation


Maria Martin-Prat

Director of Services and Investment, Intellectual Property and Public Procurement, DG Trade, European Commission, Brussels
The European Union, IP and Trade (in a time of turmoil)
International trade and investment policies find themselves in the middle of a larger debate about the effects of globalisation, the distribution of wealth in our societies and the pursuit of sustainable development. In the European Union, the question of competence (exclusive versus shared) and Brexit add to the complexity of the debate. Intellectual property seems to be enjoying a relatively low profile in all these discussions while of course being directly affected by it. This intervention will discuss latest development in the EU and possible ways going forward.


Probir J. Mehta

Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Innovation & Intellectual Property, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Washington, D.C.

Stevan D. Mitchell

Director, Office of Intellectual Property Rights, International Trade Administration, Washington, D.C.

Maria Strong

Deputy Director of Policy and International Affairs, United States Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.

Antony Taubman

Director, Intellectual Property Division, World Trade Organization, Geneva

George York

Senior Vice President, International, Recording Industry Association of America, Washington, D.C.
Fordham IP Institute