Copyright & Trademark Enforcement

Session 7B


Paul Maier

Director, EU Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights (European Union Intellectual Property Office), Alicante


Paul Maier

Director, EU Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights (European Union Intellectual Property Office), Alicante
European Citizens and Intellectual Property: Perception, Awareness, and Behaviour
There are many sides to enforcement of IPRs. The law and the enforcers are major elements but one should not forget the consumers. After a first study in 2013, the EUIPO – through the EU Observatory on IPR Infringements – has again measured the perception of IPRs by EU citizens and their attitude toward them. There is good and bad news. While 97% of citizens think that inventors, creators and performing artists should be allowed to protect their rights and be paid for their work, a large proportion of citizens consider that buying counterfeits or downloading from illegal sites is legitimate. Youngsters are particularly prone to such reactions. Availability and price of the products or services are the major factors that explains such attitude. Such results make the case for more awareness raising actions but also an increase of availability of ‘legal’ products and services. The main results of the study and reasons for them will be outlined. Presentation

Matthew Dean Stratton

Corporate Counsel, Elsevier, New York
Safe Harbor, Piracy & Levies: An economically efficient and just solution

Barry B. Sookman

McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Toronto
Equustek v Google: global delisting orders to enforce IP rights
The Supreme Court of Canada has reserved its decision in the landmark case involving Equustek v Google. The British Columbia Court of Appeal had affirmed an order requiring Google to globally delist from its search engines web sites from which goods which violated Equustek’s trade secret and trade mark rights were being sold. This talk will focus on the issues raised by the Equustek case including by the many entities that intervened in the case before the Supreme Court. Presentation

Gareth Dickson

Taylor Vinters, London
How the EU’s new data protection regime might affect online IP enforcement.
This talk will look briefly at the key elements of the new EU data protection regime; the General Data Protection Regulation. We will discuss some of the potentially far-reaching consequences of the GDPR for IP owners seeking remedies for infringements carried out online, and will offer suggestions for what rightsholders can do to protect their interests. Presentation


Laura Fresco

Fordham IP Institute