On February 3, 2017, Prof. Hugh C. Hansen joined an amicus curiae brief submitted by 11 Law Professors in support of the appellant, Converse, in Converse v. ITC, 2016-2497 (Fed. Cir.). The appeal concerns the ITC’s invalidation of Converse’s registered trademark in the mid-sole of its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe, and that further there was insufficient proof that it had acquired secondary meaning. The amici law professors argue that the ITC disregarded animating policies of trademark law–“securing goodwill and protecting consumers”–and instead inappropriately focused on “consumer issues.” The brief’s principal authors are Adam Mossoff and Mark Schultz (Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP)). For a discussion of the case and brief, read the CPIP release here.  The full brief and list of amici is available here.

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