On October 19, the Fordham IP Institute, in conjunction with the European Patent Office, hosted a panel of EPO examiners to discuss recent developments in the biotech patent industry. The speakers and their respective topics can be found below:

Moderator: John Richards, Ladas & Parry LLP


1) Klaus-Peter Döpfer, PhD, Director, EPO
Recent Procedural Changes and New Initiatives at the EPO

2) Laurent Deleu, PhD, Examiner, EPO
Inventive Step in Biotechnology, Examination Practice at the EPO

3) Virginie Merckling-Ruiz, PhD, Examiner, EPO
Medical Use Claims under the EPC

4) Wolfram Meyer, PhD, Examiner, EPO
Patentability of “antibodies” under the EPC

5) Klaus-Peter Döpfer, PhD, Director, EPO
Early Certainty from Search etc. – A Way to Better Serve the Interests of Applicants and the Public

Ying Li Ph.D., Ropes & Gray LLP
Deborah L. Lu, Ph.D., Vedder Price

Fordham IP Institute