Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the 28th Annual Fordham Intellectual Property Law & Policy Conference.




In addition to the four levels of sponsorship, we offer other opportunities that provide sponsors with exclusive recognition – e.g., special signage, special mention on the website and program. All of these include sponsorship benefits at either Patron- or Benefactor-level, depending on the cost of the event or other opportunity. Some of these may already be subscribed as they are often in high demand. If you are interested, please inquire as soon as possible.

Evening Reception on April 25th: $30,000 (Benefactor-level benefits included)

Evening Reception on April 26th: $17,000 (Benefactor-level benefits included)

Reception and Dinner on April 24th: $25,000 (Benefactor-level benefits included)

Breakfasts: $9,500 each day (Patron-level benefits included, Benefactor-level benefits for additional $4,500)

Breaks: $14,000 for all four (Benefactor-level benefits included)

Lunches: $17,000 each (Benefactor-level benefits included)

Hospitality Suite: $9,500 (Patron-level benefits included, Benefactor-level benefits for additional $3,500)

Corporate and Foundation Partners

Make a difference!

The Fordham/Hansen IP Law Institute is dedicated to strengthening global IP Law and Policy. By supporting our mission through sponsorship, grants, corporate gifts and partnership options, you become an integral influence on the frontier of international IP law, policy and leadership. Funds are specific to supporting the Institute’s annual conference, podcast, lecture series, and amicus briefs research.

Employee Giving

One easy option!

Many employers offer a program to match employee contributions to charity. The Fordham/Hansen IP Law Institute is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. Our IRS Tax ID number is: 27-109-3680. Ask your Human Resources Department for Employee Giving information and mail appropriate forms to the address listed below.

Fordham Law School, 150 West 62nd Street, Room 7-145, New York, New York 10023

QUESTIONS? Please contact Yuan Yuan Wang and Rilana Wenske at supporters@hansenipinstitute.com or 212-636-7177.

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