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26th Annual Conference Begins


Sunrise Seminar I: Second Medical Use & UK Plausibility



Brian Cordery
Bristows LLP, London


Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Floyd
     Court of Appeal, London
Plausibility: A New Ground of Revocation?
The notion that a claimed invention must be made plausible by the specification is one which is not to be found in the Patents Act 1977. It has its origin in the need to prevent speculative claiming, particularly at the application stage. But it has slightly surprising consequences where the speculation turns out to be correct, and the patent therefore covers a valuable invention. The patent is not insufficient in the classical sense, or obvious, but fails for being “implausible”. Should this be so? Presentation  
Nicola Dagg
     Allen & Overy LLP, London
Second Medical Use Patents and Their Value
Being involved in one of the largest second medical use patent disputes in Europe, Nicola Dagg will explore the legal importance of these types of disputes in their commercial context for pharmaceutical innovators and research and development, particularly the role of plausibility in second medical use patent validity in the UK and elsewhere. Presentation


Jürgen Dressel
Head of Global Patent Litigation Strategy, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel
Hon. Rian Kalden
     Court of Appeal of The Hague, The Hague
Dr. Christine Kanz
Dr. Ute Kilger
     Boehmert & Boehmert, Berlin
Miquel Montañá
     Clifford Chance, Barcelona
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