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27th Annual Conference Begins


The Intellectual Property Law Institute coordinates the Law School’s IP programs and develops new initiatives. It fosters progress toward identifying and resolving issues of concern to the IP community and permits policy-makers to formulate integrated approaches to such concerns. It offers a forum for assessing developments that could seriously affect the international IP regime. The Institute draws on the Law School’s prominence in IP and international law, its IP alumni network, and its collaborations with Queen Mary University (London) and the Singapore Intellectual Property Academy.

The Fordham IP Conference
The annual Fordham Intellectual Property Law & Policy Conference was created in 1993 to convene leading European and U.S. officials, judges, scholars, and lawyers to discuss IP issues in a unique, freewheeling environment. The 2015 Conference included over 160 speakers, as well as more than 500 attendees from more than 35 countries. The Conference papers, debates, and discussions will be published in the annual volume that preserves the proceedings as an in-depth record of contemporary issues in IP. Along with papers from the Conference, they are currently available on the Conference website.

The Conference’s distinguishing feature is the openness of debate. The resulting exchanges—both in public and behind the scenes—produce an astonishing array of influential papers, leading in many cases to new laws and policies. Because participants are highly placed and free of their usual institutional restrictions, their remarks are important and uninhibited. It is not unusual to see an officer of the World Intellectual Property Organization or the European Commission negotiating over sandwiches with a member of the U.S. Copyright Office, continuing a discussion that started when one of them was at the podium.

Visiting Distinguished Judicial and Professorial Fellows
The Institute houses Fordham’s Visiting Distinguished Judicial and Professorial Fellows program. Under the program, prominent members of the IP community visit the School for a week: they teach classes, meet with students, deliver a public lecture, and lunch with faculty and friends of the School. In 2008, the inaugural Fellow was Prof. Valentine Korah, Emeritus Professor of Competition Law at University College, London, and Honorary Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges. In 2009, it was Chief Judge Paul Michel of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This program is currently funded by a generous grant from Cooper & Dunham LLP. For more information, see the Announcements on our Home Page.

Microsoft Research & Teaching Fellows
This program, generously funded by the Microsoft Corporation, hosts promising young scholars from abroad, who come to Fordham for one or two years to write, participate in the intellectual life of the Law School, and prepare for legal teaching careers. We are not currently accepting applications for this position.

Visiting Scholars
Under this Program, foreign countries subsidize their own legally-trained nationals, who spend time (usually one term) studying IP law and policy at Fordham. Fordham provides access to all of its resources, as well as personalized assistance in areas such as legal research and writing for American journals.

Roundtable Discussions
The Institute now coordinates the annual Roundtable Discussion on IP law, with co-hosts Queen Mary University (London). Participants usually include representatives of the European Commission as well as top academics.

Throughout the year, the Institute holds panels/seminars, sometimes in cooperation with other Institutes and Centers at the Law School, of interest to the IP Community and to the legal community at large.

Public Lectures and Luncheon Addresses
Throughout the academic year, the Institute holds a series of public lectures on topics of interest to the IP community, followed by invitation-only luncheons.

Fordham IP Institute